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Dear Friends, Believers, and Followers:

You are cordially invited to our Spring Revival being held from March 21-March 23rd @ St. Mary's Baptist Church.

We need to take each and every opportunity to give the people the chance to be revived and reinvigorated so they can move forward together in their lives on the right tracks set by our Lord. Come one, come all and bring your loved ones with you, everyone is invited. The winds of revival will pick up momentum and spread through the souls of the ones who want to reach out for God.

Reverend Dr. William H. Bennett, Reverend Dr. Joseph W. Lyles , and Reverend Dr. Ernest Trice, Sr  will be our guest speakers on this wonderful occasion. Come and enjoy an inspiring message in a loving environment. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Ministry in Motion

Missionaries of SMBC Participating in the Black History Program at Stoddard Global Care Facility on 2/28/18.

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